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Company presentation

SPE (Scientific and Production Enterprise) Ural Laboratory of Vibration LLC has been founded by a group of qualified engineers and scientists having great practical knowledge and research experience in vibration reliability and strength control of steam and gas turbines.

The Urals science and engineer school graduaters are the company team. That school is known for extraordinary achievements in the field of vibration reliability and diagnostics of turbine units not only in Russia but also all over the world.

Key activities of the company are researches and investigations aimed to monitoring and diagnostic technique improving, repair and maintenance of turbine sets as well as development of revolutionary procedure and technological concepts in the given area.

Having close links with power generating companies, gas industries companies and service organization we are always to focus our knowledge and experience on priority engineering problems solving. Following tradition of domestic scientific and technical society we aim to keep open-midnedness to our judgements and estimates and faith to engineering as well.