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Explanatory activity

We are strongly convinced engineering work in vibration alignment of the turbosets is not possible without any innovative approach. Each engineer knows a proverb “There is no miracle”. Nevertheless, at times explanation of this “miracle” takes us to curry out meticulous work on experience-based data collection, data synthesis and comparison, computer simulation etc.. All this contributes to the successful resolution of the technical problems and brings us the greatest satisfaction ofthe work done. Generally, the results of the most complex research conducted by our group are key to our scientific and technical publications. In article preparation the materials/data aim to be clear and understoodable . We hope that we have done is worthwhile.


  • Dynamics and strength investigation of the turbosets;
  • Monitoring and diagnostic systems developing;
  • Defect diagnostic algorithms developing of the rotor units;
  • Investigation of shaft train torsional vibrations and developing of their recording systems;
  • Low-frequency vibration and rotor system stability problems;
  • Dynamic study of rotor systems with magnetic bearings;
  • Improving of the rotor and shaft train balancing procedure;
  • Improving of rotor sets maintenance.

Fuller appreciation of the work we have done you can obtain by checking out our published articles.