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The existing methodologies of vibration monitoring and rotor sets maintenance are mainly based upon previous experience results which collection and generalization demands detailed and laborious analytics. Therefore, vibration reliability control often comes amid considerable means and time consumption. The process acceleration can be obtained only by combing conventional and experimental approaches using latest methods of numerical simulation.

Some problems of vibration maintenance are impossible to solve without using of advance numerical simulation. Numerical simulation of rotor systems are shown not only to reveal physical mechanism of the phenomena under consideration but to analyze different facts influencing on their developing as a result that let us develop the most effective as well as least expensive problem solving means.

Data collection of a number of experimental works curried out by us and our colleagues as well as accomplished research using advanced numerical simulation allowed us not only create an unique database of diagnostic algorithms and vibration maintenance means but also set up the most effective problem solving methodology – generalized integrated approach.

Application of an effective methodology in your own activity along with using a number of advanced software (including self-engineered products) allow us dramatically decrease due data of the problems to solve what is the key priority under present-day production. 

Provided services

At production site:

  • Integrated vibration alignment of the turbosets (including advance cases);
  • Extensive (enlarged) vibration testing (including putting into operation from assemblange/installation);
  • Dynamic state investigation of turboset bases as well as their reliability evaluation.

Engineering procurement construction

  • Developing and implementation activities on turbosetvibration reliability improvement (including pilot models);
  • Engineering calculation and experimental researches of dynamics and endurance stress of the turbine elements;
  • Analysis of the turboset modification and reconstruction actions due to engineering changes of the basic units and their reliability index;

Consulting expert support under fault causes, damages and breakdown of turbosets.